listYourHaus Launches in Portland and Vancouver to Help Homeowners Sell Their Houses Faster with Lower Costs

March 18, 2024·Home Selling·4 min·

The site gives home sellers more choice, higher transparency, and faster house sales by using new technology and a network of top real estate experts.

Quick Tip: you can now list your home for sale in 3 minutes & get free expert help right here.

Portland, Oregon, March 14, 2023 – The home selling service listYourHaus™ has officially launched in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA to help people sell their houses faster, easier, and with lower costs than traditional methods. The website allows homeowners to list their properties quickly, receive a free home valuation, secure fast purchase offers, and connect with the top real estate agents in their area.

listYourHaus is poised to revolutionize the home-selling experience in Oregon and Washington by combining trusted and traditional selling methods with a new listing technology to greatly simplify the selling process. Sellers can create a free listing within two minutes to receive expert advice from a local real estate professional, outlining potential next steps and options, while also receiving a fair purchase offer for their home.

To provide more options for home sellers, listYourHaus is partnering with leading real estate companies such as, a top-rated home buying company in Oregon and Washington recognized for helping homeowners sell their houses fast for cash.

Property investor Dustin McGuirk and founder of ibuyhaus commented on the launch, stating, “listYourHaus is exactly what the Portland market needs most: a simpler way for homeowners to get trusted advice, connect with experts, and sell their home quickly for less cost and fewer fees. Modern sellers want to see their options and sit in the driver’s seat for the most important transactions of their lives, and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

Portland home seller can now access the free home selling service at and list their property within two minutes from their computer or smartphone. The service streamlines the selling experience by utilizing the proprietary M.O.S.T.™ (Multi-Offer Selling Technology) system to collect competitive offers in as little as 24 hours. This approach not only reduces the cost to sell a house but also answers common seller questions regarding how much their house is worth and how to sell their house fast. Vancouver, WA sellers can list their home at

listYourHaus also provides a free home valuation service, offering an estimate of their property’s value by experienced local real estate experts. This tool answers the critical question for sellers: “How much is my home worth?” providing a straightforward, no-obligation path to understanding their home’s market value and exploring their selling options. Portland sellers can get a free valuation by visiting and entering their basic property information. Valuations are based on real market insights and experience rather than automated algorithms, and accurately reflect the fair sale value of their property without any additional repairs or renovations. Vancouver, WA sellers can get a free home valuation at

For sellers who would like to list their home on the open market, listYourHaus will connect them with top real estate agents in their area. Sellers can find top real estate agents in Portland by visiting, and Vancouver sellers can visit

listYourHaus is powered by the proprietary M.O.S.T. system (Multi-Offer Selling Technology), offering homeowners the most control and flexibility over their sales process and providing helpful information in a convenient way. The system provides options for personalized advice, giving users insights into alternative selling strategies tailored to their unique situation. For those seeking to explore traditional selling avenues, it facilitates a seamless transition to open market listings through partnerships with local real estate agents. This simplifies the selling process while ensuring that every step is taken with the seller’s best interest in mind.

While listYourHaus is now providing specialized home selling services in Portland, all sellers across Oregon and Washington states are able to use the system to get fast home valuations, rapid purchase offers, and sell their homes fast by visiting


About listYourHaus:

listYourHaus™ is an innovative home selling system helping people in Oregon and Washington to sell their homes faster, easier, and with lower costs. It employs M.O.S.T.™ (Multi-Offer Selling Technology) technology to give homeowners more control and flexible selling options. Homeowners looking to sell their homes quickly and at true market value can list their property for free by visiting:

Contact listYourHaus:

About ibuyhaus:

ibuyhaus™ is a top-rated home buying company in Oregon and Washington, recognized for helping homeowners sell their houses fast for cash. The company prioritizes a quick, trusted, and easy home selling process, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and community improvement. Oregon and Washington homeowners can get a free purchase offer to sell their homes quickly by visiting:

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(503) 482-8693

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