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How Free Valuation Works

Get your professional home value estimate based on immediate home sale by an experienced Vancouver home-buying professional.

Enter basic house information on this page.

Receive your valuation in as little as 24 hours.

Get free guidance on your next selling steps.

Why it’s so Accurate

Because your Vancouver home value estimate is not computer-generated: it’s provided by an actual Vancouver-area real estate professional with years of experience valuing Vancouver properties like yours.

Why it’s so Useful

Because your estimate is more than an estimate: if you like the price you get, you get actually sell your Vancouver home using listYourHaus for the quoted price, immediately.

Why it’s Free

Because your home valuation is also a real purchase offer, we hope you might consider selling your Vancouver house through us, although you have absolutely no obligation to do so.

Free Vancouver home valuation

The listYourHaus home value calculator generates a real estimate (not a computer-generated one) with the help of Vancouver-area real estate experts.

Our experts calculate the current worth of your home by considering your property location, house prices sold nearby, pending home sales, and the size and condition of your property.

Because your estimate can be considered as an actual offer to buy your house, you can simply accept the offer and sell your house within days.

Nothing! Our estimates are provided completely free to Vancouver residents. Our mission is to give people more choice, higher transparency, and faster home sales.

If you choose not to sell your house for the estimated price, we can introduce you to a top Vancouver (WA) real estate agent who can list your house on the market for a higher price.

You can use your home price estimate to determine your home’s value, and decide if the time is right for you to sell. You can also sell your house quickly for the estimated price using listYourHaus. Because your estimate is not meant as a legal appraisal, you should not use your estimate for any other purposes.

How much is my house worth?

Many Vancouver (WA)-area home sellers want to know how much their home is worth, but what does that really mean? It could mean:

  • How much is my house worth right now?
  • How much is my house worth after repairs and renovations?
  • How much is my house worth with a top real estate agent?

The listYourHaus free home valuation answers the question:

How much is my Vancouver home really worth right now, if I sold it as-is, and without repairs or renovations.

We believe that for most people, this is the best measure of how much your home is really worth. It’s the amount that an actual buyer is really willing to pay for your home today, without you investing in construction, marketing, staging, and showings.

Not a legal appraisal

The home value estimates provided by our website and partners are only for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a legal appraisal of property value. These estimates are based on publicly available data, proprietary algorithms, and professional experience.

While we strive for accuracy, our estimate may not reflect the precise value of your property, because sale value depends on how you sell it (as-is, with repairs, or with renovations), and how you market it.

For a formal valuation or legal purposes, including but not limited to financial transactions, lending, or legal disputes, we strongly recommend consulting a certified professional appraiser. Our service does not substitute for professional advice or a legal appraisal.

Our mission

We’re giving home sellers in Washington more choice, higher transparency, and faster sales.

We do this with our proprietary MOST™ system (Multi-Offer Selling Technology) and by only working with top Vancouver real estate experts who are known and trusted in Vancouver (WA).

The trusted way to sell fast.

Learn why so many happy Vancouver clients recommend listYourHaus.

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